Artist Bio

Catherine Hingson is a professional artist focusing on colorful impressionistic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, a place she has called home most of her life.She has a sensual nature of art depicting the complications of life through a combination of color, texture, and symbolism in her largely marine related paintings.As a multi-media artist, Hingson has been known for her vivid, bold work in oil,acrylic, pastel, and watercolor. As a teacher she encourages students in herworkshops or community college courses to “play” with the paint and facilitates their exploration of the medium.

Catherine’s Artist Statement

I create vivid, impressionistic scenes inspired by the outdoors. My landscapes of the Pacific Northwest are a reflection of the natural beauty that surrounds me, and I especially love to paint marine themes near my home at the coast. I use expressive color and loose brush strokes as I “allow” my playful paintbrush to interact with the paint, trying to stay present to the moment and balance the planning of a painting with the creative exploration that gives it a vibrant freshness. The act of painting becomes like a dance; sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow. As I go through several stages of developing a painting with sketches and color theory trials, I think about composition, value, and traditional techniques of art. Most of the painting is created before the paintbrush ever touches the canvas. However, in the end, the planning stage is just preparation to the paint tumbling out as I am forced to embrace the immediacy of the medium and the expression of the interest, feeling, or symbolism.  I am moved by how people react to particular images; such as the feelings one might have when they see a lone monolith rock in the ocean, the memories that are evoked when viewing colorful fishing buoys, or whether kites in the air make you feel free or tethered. My images are quiet glimpses into my observations and inquisitive mind. I invite others to look deeper as well.

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